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Who decides what

The governing body of the GPFs

The Parliament

Has established the formal framework for the Petroleum Holding Fund, the Ghana Petroleum Funds by the Petroleum Revenue Management Act, 2011 (Act 815) (PRMA) and Act 893 as amended

Parliament of Ghana

Ministry of Finance

Has overall responsibility for the fund and issues guidelines for its management including investment policy and strategy.

Ministry of Finance

Bank of Ghana

Has responsibility for the day-to-day operational management of the Ghana Petroleum Funds, Petroleum Holding Fund and subsequently the Ghana Petroleum Wealth Fund

Bank of Ghana

Investment Advisory Committee

Has responsibility for advising the Minister of Finance and for the general performance monitoring of the management of the Ghana Petroleum Funds

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Public Interest and Accountability Committee

Has responsibility to monitor and evaluate compliance with the Act by government and other relevant institutions in the management and use of petroleum revenues and investments as provided in the Act.


Institutional framework for Petroleum Revenue Management

Legal structure for Petroleum Revenue Management

The Ghana Petroleum Wealth Fund will be established a year after final oil production and will consolidate the GSF and GHF.

Structure of the Ghana Petroleum Funds

Management framework of the Ghana Petroleum Funds

About the fund manager

The bank of Ghana is responsible for the operational management of the Ghana Petroleum Funds.

The Bank of Ghana’s Petroleum Secretariat through its management of the GPFs aims to:

  • ensure the GPFs are managed to achieve competitive investment returns with the risk profile established under the GPFs investment policy and
  • ensure the GPFs are managed in a manner that balances risks with the goals of sustaining public expenditure capacity and providing an endowment for future development the highest possible return on the fund within the investment mandate set by the Ministry of Finance.

Bank of Ghana