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About the fund

The Ghana Petroleum Funds was established by the Petroleum Revenue Management Act 815 (2011) and Act 893 (2015) as amended (“PRMA”), which sets out rules and regulations for the management of revenues derived from Ghana’s petroleum resources.

The PRMA establishes two savings funds, the Ghana Stabilisation Fund and Ghana Heritage Fund, together known as Ghana Petroleum Funds.

The Ghana Petroleum Funds through its constituent funds has two objectives: The Ghana Stabilisation Fund, Ghana Heritage Funds and the Distribution of Funds.

Ghana Stabilisation Fund

The purpose of the GSF is to cushion the impact of or sustain public expenditure capacity during periods of unanticipated petroleum revenue shortfalls. Thus, GSF’s primary objective is to preserve capital in nominal terms while generating income.

Ghana Heritage Fund

The purpose of the GHF is to provide an endowment to support the development of future generations when the petroleum reserves have been depleted. To achieve this objective the fund seeks to preserve and enhance the real (inflation-adjusted) purchasing power of the fund over the long term.

Distribuition of funds

Petroleum revenue due the Republic is deposited in the Petroleum Holding Fund (PHF) for subsequent transfers in accordance with the provisions of the PRMA. A percentage of petroleum revenue, as determined by Parliament, is transferred from the PHF into to the Ghana Petroleum Funds to be invested.

Ghana Heritage Fund


Ghana Stabilisation Fund


Annual Budget Fund Amount


Ghana National Petroleum Committee



Allocations of Petroleum Revenue Relative to the GSF and GHF (in millions of US$)

2011-2019: GSF: 1,270.58 | GHF: 535.45

Closing values of the GPFs

Allocations of Petroleum Revenue Relative to the GSF and GHF (in millions of US$)