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Certificates of Deposits
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Investment Beliefs

Investment Horizon: The Ghana Petroleum Funds balances long-term savings and delivering of returns for future generations of Ghanaians and the shorter term national budget augmentation needs through the GSF.

Investment Discipline: High quality governance of the investment process is critical to success. A disciplined set of processes, practiced by a capable and experienced team, promote decisiveness, efficiency and accountability generates superior long-term results.
Market View: Financial markets are generally efficient over the long term, though subject to deviations in the short term. Prospective returns and the relative attractiveness of different asset classes will similarly vary with time and the economic environment.

Asset Allocation: Diversification is an important tool of risk management and can mitigate the volatility and uncertainty inherent in substantial exposure to risk assets. The Ghana Petroleum Funds seek to be diversified to the degree compatible with the investment return objectives as defined.

Transparency: Transparency and accountability build public trust and are critical to implementing a long-term disciplined approach to investment.